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Tire Sensor Warehouse is a company that was created based on a need in the market that we saw while working as MVP wheels. We had many customers asking about tire pressure sensors, so we decided there was a need in the market for these devices. The overall goal of the tire sensor warehouse is to provide you with a large inventory of tire pressure monitoring sensors at a price that you can afford.

Importance of a Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

A TPMS is necessary as it helps drivers understand how important tire air pressure is when it comes to maintenance and safety. The tire pressure monitoring system is a device that will warn the driver when one or more of the wheels on the vehicle are under-inflated by a certain amount. Each of the sensors will transmit air pressure, temperature, battery state, and the sensor location to the computer of the vehicle.

Where are the Sensors?

These sensors are normally located on a valve mounted stem located inside the tire. There are also other types of wheel sensors that are band mounted and attached directly to the wheel. The TPMS warning light will illuminate when one or more of the wheels are 25% or more under inflated. When this happens it can lead to the vehicle becoming harder to handle, a risk of hydroplaning, and a lower braking performance. In addition, it can cause a shorter tire life as there will be uneven tire wear and tear. If the tires are rotated and the TPMS system is not reset, the warning light may be triggered which could lead to a premature sensor battery failure.

Common Causes of Failure

There are several reasons that a tire pressure sensor may fail. Damage from a road hazard may cause it to fail. Other reasons include, using a valve core that is improper, over tightening, sensor battery discharge, and an electronic failure.

There are times when the sensor will simply malfunction. The best way to determine if the sensor is malfunctioning is to have a professional technician test it for you. Every time you have the tires rotated you need to make sure that the sensor is reset.

Ordering the Right Tire Pressure Sensor

We make it easy to get the right tire pressure sensor for your vehicle. You can put in the make, model, and year of your vehicle to search through the products that will match up to the vehicle that you own. We have made the entire process quite easy.

If you need to install a tire air pressure sensor in your vehicle you can order it and then have it installed professionally or do it yourself if you are confident in your abilities. We offer new tire pressure monitoring systems as well as TPMS rebuild kits for your convenience. While it may seem like it is not a big deal to let your sensor go, it is really a safety hazard and you should replace your tire pressure sensor as soon as possible.

We have the largest selection of new and used TPMS in North America and prices that can't be beat!

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